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Friday, April 20, 2007


ISMAIL AX taken from Clyde Lewis Myspace Blog

Posted By: Tabula_Rasa
Date: Wednesday, 18 April 2007, 9:15 a.m.


Virginia Tech Massacre Questions that will go unanswered and Things I think need to be noticed.

I feel that my blog is the only place where I can ask some very interesting questions and pass on information that no newsman with balls will tell about the deaths of the 33 dead at Virginia tech University.

There may be some things you may or may not know or rumors that you have not heard or coincidences that you can downplay or otherwise apply to this case.

To star things off a major coincidence with the date of the shooting .

The shooting happened on 4/16/2007

2+0+0+7= 9
4+1+6 = 11

Another 9/11 coincidence afoot? Could be a reach but the numbers are everywhere.

33 people died. 33 is the number of completion of the satanic triad of 11 22 and 33 which reduced to finality in the number 9.

On Monday April 16th at approximately 12:30 EST the associated Press reported that a shooting took place at a Virginia Tech dorm leaving one person dead and one wounded,

The information came from an unnamed state government official who claimed to have knowledge of the case. It went on to say that the government official said the gunman had been arrested.

Does anyone remember in the Columbine case how multiple shooters were allegedly involved, were arrested and then disappeared form the case?

Who was the state official? Who was arrested?

Why have we not heard about the Bomb threat that was made three days before the shooting? There was also a written bomb threat left at Torgersen Hall at the campus on April 2nd. Something that is also weird is that According to a source , police found a "bomb threat" note directed at the engineering school buildings near the victims in the classroom building.

Are we trying to link these bomb threats to Cho?

The Roanoke news also reported prior to the attacks that a controversial new gun ban at the school was drawing all sorts of fire from gun advocates. The University strated to strictly enforce a zero tolerence policy—according to the article

"University officials confirmed that, earlier this semester, campus police approached a student found to be carrying a concealed handgun to class. The unnamed student was not charged with any crimes because he holds a state-issued permit allowing him to carry a concealed gun. But the student could face disciplinary action from the university for violating its policy prohibiting "unauthorized possession, storage or control" of firearms on campus. "


So are we to understand that all of the students were told no guns and somehow the killer Cho Seung-Hui

had access to guns and used them to kill 32 unarmed students?

Furthermore why wasn't the school on lockdown after the first report of the dorm killings, By the time the e-mails were sent out and the loudspeakers warned of the gunman 22 people were known dead.

Lockdown happened after the police showed up literally trapping the victims with the killer or killers.

The guns serial numbers were filed off. Why? He allegedly carried the receipt for the guns he bought weeks ago.

Cho Seung-Hui in Columbine fashion was a user of SSRI drugs. He also had written in read ink on his arm ISMAIL AX. Was this a sick attempt to somehow connect him with Islam? ISMAIL is also a spelling for Ishmael. The story of the sacrificial AX and the destruction of idolaters. Those who are corrupt.. A note believed to have been written by Cho was found in his dorm room that railed against "rich kids," "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans" on campus.

Cho also had a problem with his religion and had anger against Christianity. Which is convenient.

He was known as the question mark kid because instead of signing his name he would leave a question mark.

Speaking of question marks here is a big one.

How and where did Cho Seung-Hui learn extraordinary techniques with firearms?

Think about it –

He was able to calmly and without a flinch discharge 30 or so rounds within a minute and a half, with about a 50% kill rate.. That is according to German class witnesses.

Did he have Military training? Was he programmed? Where did he get all of his ammo and when witnesses say he was wearing a uniform, what kind of Uniform was it?

ISMAIL AX -- Its in the Koran.

I'm Clyde Lewis

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