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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tea Parties and the New Paradigm

 Tea parties are a false opposition designed to indoctrinate people who do not support the government into fomented political agendas within the right / left paradigm using the dreams of hope and change

Originally, the right wing was for those people who supported the Roman Empire(the powers that be) and the left wing was for those who opposed the Empire. So, if you support the Obama administration you would be right wing by the original definition of the terms.

The right / left paradigm was recreated in the 1920s when newer social political schools of thought were being developed. (ie Liberalism,libertarianism,Anarchism)

The left / right government scale was :Left to Right, Anarchy, Libertarian, Liberal, Democracy, Communism, Social dictator, Fascist dictator.

After WWI western leadership needed to create a new paradigm, so they shunned the USSR- style communism which became the new left , (anarchy would obviously never be recognized) and libertarians were just considered practical anarchists.
Most of the the western business world supported the fascist governments in the 1930s(Italy,Germany) because fascism is good for big business. Fascism was not placed on the extreme right until Hitler fell out of favor with the banking elite

Liberals were moderates until the 1950s when the red scare needed more enemies, so they were polarized into practical communists, as democracy was set as the center from both fascism and communism

It is the definition of democracy both falsly as the form of US government(the US is a constitutional republic)and as the most fair type of government that causes a lot of confusion

There is a democratic function in the US congress where each representative of the people gets one vote

However this function does not make the US a democracy:

The US as a republic allows each citizen to choose a representative in the government to best represent their interests. The is the function of congress

US citizens are not represented by the US president, the president is the proctor for the constitution. This is another cause of confusion as US citizens do not vote for the president they vote for representation in the electoral college

Although, the president's role has become that of the ceremonial leader of the US and its policies, these are not provided functions of the republic and its governing constitution

Operationally the US works like a democratic republic, not a constitutional republic, which is why we hear people claim so many actions of the government are unconstitutional

This shift from constitution to democracy has been exicuted at the level of the executive branch of the US government starting in the 1930s(Roosevelt)

Democracy is mob rules. Democracy allows for 51% of the people to take away the rights of 49% of the people

Governments do not grant rights they grant privlidges, which can be taken away at any time. Rights are concepts that are self granted and cannot be taken away only surrendered

Meet the new boss...same as the old boss

Each man is a leader !

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