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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jeffrey Grupp - What is Telementation ?

Telementation is a variation of what is often called "The Law of Attraction", where telementation focuses more on feeling reality into existence rather than believing or visualizing reality into existence. Telementation is an ancient meditative art form, and it is the true nature of our real deep inner self. It is virtually unknown to contemporary, modernized humans, but it is has been recognized by shamans, mystics, and philosophers as the ultimate power in the universe, which is possessed by all humans. Telementation is true consciousness (and true consciousness is the deepest, innermost part of mental reality, not the surface emanations), and therefore telementation is what humans actually are. This book is a short instruction manual on how to carry out the law of attraction with great ease. Telementation creates a revolution in a person's life that ends nearly all personal problems, and it brings a person back to their innate, inalienable greatness and poetical inner peace. Telementation is particularly productive for those who want a very simple guidebook on how to carry out Eastern meditation or Christian mysticism, for those who have had trouble attaining religious experience despite putting forth great efforts at meditation, and for those having trouble overcoming depression by conventional methods.

Jeff Grupp with George Noory C2C

Jeff Grupp with Dr Bill Deagle

Jeff Grupps Telementation book

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James said...

Zappa would be dissapointed.

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