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Saturday, July 18, 2009

How Goldman Sachs Steals Profits in a Recession

How does a holding company/investment bank turn billion dollar profits during a recession ?

First - get the US government filled with former(vested)employees

Next - Create and take short positions on a 3rd party deriviative market insured by AIG

Then - Use your government influence to deny your competition, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearn, any bail out money assistance after the AIG credit swaps are delisted by Moodys causing a market plunge

Next - Use your influence to change the SEC accounting rules for reporting profits

Next - Use your influence to purloin a 20 billion dollar no payback backdoor loan through AIG which you forward to your international banker friends (Credit Swisse)

Then - Use a $10 billion bailout to foment market activity, there by creating a futures environmemt which creates profits from transaction fees and margins gained by your position(High Frequency Trading) as the market maker and fleece all those who trade behind you

Finally - payback your $10 billion bailout loan without any interest.

Ps.- if congress questions your transparancy have Paulson & Bernake threaten total market collapse if any accountability occurs !

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