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Friday, September 21, 2007



The tasering of University of Florida student Andrew Meyer 21, Tuesday looks like a B.F. Skinner experiment designed to let the mice know they will receive a painful shock if they raise sensitive political subjects in public.

On the other hand, if they are supportive, as the students who cheered when Meyer was dragged away, they will continue to get their food and sex.

I don't know if this incident was staged. I want to believe it wasn't. But on some unseen signal, campus cops lunged at Meyer when he mentioned Kerry's membership in "Skull and Bones" and brandished a copy of Greg Palast's book "Armed Madhouse," which stated Kerry actually had won the election.

Meyer's questions were extremely relevant. He asked Kerry why he conceded the 2004 Presidential election the same day in spite of numerous voting irregularities. "Didn't you want to win?" Meyer demanded.

Meyer was implying that Kerry might have thrown the election because he belonged to the same Illuminati secret society as Bush.

When he was grabbed, he said, "Get away from me. I want to hear the answer."

Meyer was dragged away shouting, "Help! Help! What did I do? What did I do?"

Then he pleads with the officers: "Don't taser me bro'" He offers to "walk out of here" if they'll only let him go.

Then we hear him scream with pain "Ow..ow..ow...ow!"

Kerry's respect for the public and commitment to free speech was evident from his response. While Mayer was manhandled and tasered, Kerry droned on about how he wanted to answer this important question.

He even made a joke of it: "Unfortunately [Meyer] is not available to swear me in as President."

The painful incident was filmed from many angles . I urge you to watch as many as you can stomach.


The reaction of the crowd was initially to cheer Meyer's question about not contesting the election, but it quickly fell silent. Then some cheered when Meyer was arrested. Some people protested, "police brutality" or "why are you doing that?" when Meyer was being tasered.

The media reported this widely. Drudge had it as a main headline. But while there was exposure, there was also spin. CNBC said Meyer had been a heckler, which is very unlikely since he began his questions by thanking Kerry for his speech. Fox News apparently commended the campus cops for using the taser.

Meyer was not without fault. He insisted on asking three questions and delivering a short prologue, saying Kerry had spoken for two hours, surely he could have two minutes. His tone was indignant. He broke away while being led out.

In situations like this, we must strive for credibility by behaving in a calm, rational, non-threatening manner.


At least one Internet commentator "Withowlseyeswatch" (comment 39) is suspicious:

"If you have the time, watch the video of the Florida student incident about 20 times. Turn off the audio and watch. You will begin to see some interesting details not obvious to a person overcome with emotions seeing it for the first time. There are a couple of angles being shot from other spots around the room that fill in parts not seen.

If you have the time, close your eyes and just listen to the audio. Pick out the different voices and follow them through. Listen to Kerry in the background a couple of times through. He droned throughout the entire incident as if he were hypnotizing the crowd. His remarks were very strange.

Watch the girl cop at the beginning. See how she looks over to take her cue to make her move. Why were cops standing five feet behind the student? ...

Did you see part 2 when the officers whisked him down stairs? He was not the victim of electric shock. He was not in shock. He was excited by the impact of his improvisation. He was working like the devil to keep the drama going because his mates were running low on creative juices. They didn't know what to do. This was nothing more than street theater.

....Something was amusing to the surrounding students. Is it possible that the students who were laughing and sitting without reaction was because they knew this fellow to be a trickster?"

The prominence given Palast's book is suspicious because he apparently makes a case that Osama bin Laden and a Muslim terrorist network were responsible for 9-11. All and all, given the mass media coverage, this incident was probably staged.

This video shows the aftermath. Meyer doesn't look like a man who has been tasered. He is told he is being arrested for "inciting a riot." He tells onlookers to inquire after him because "they are going to try and kill me."

It gets even more weird. Meyer has a website which has received 150,000 visits since yesterday. The site does not appear to be political. On it he is selling a "pimp light" which "as a good Jew" he is offering at a "good price" ($89.) Apparently he has a history as a prankster.


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